Fill out an application online or by mail



If accepted, you’ll be asked to sign paperwork in person



Submit documentsif applicable


Application Process


Individuals or households who meet the income and household size requirements for a unit may apply for that unit. This information can be found in the callout box at the top of each apartment’s webpage. Qualified applicants will be required to meet additional selection criteria, as detailed below.


Apply Online

Once you have confirmed you meet the requirements to apply for an apartment you may apply directly online. The link to each apartment’s online application can be found on the apartment’s webpage, toward the bottom of the page. Do not submit duplicate applications.

Apply by Mail

To request an application for an apartment by mail, send a self-addressed envelope to the address found on that apartment’s webpage, toward the bottom of the page. Do not apply online and also send in a paper application.

Income Eligibility

Our buildings offer a range of apartments for a variety of household sizes and income levels.

The eligible incomes for each unit are listed on the available unit’s webpage.

To learn about how income eligibility is determined, visit NYC HPD ›


If your application appears to qualify, you will be invited to make an appointment to confirm your eligibility. The purpose of this appointment is to review any documents that support the information on your application.

If you are contacted for an appointment, you will be asked to bring COPIES of documents that verify the people in your household. Please do not bring original documents, unless asked. The property manager will let you know which documents you are required to bring with you.

All adults 18+ must be present to sign paperwork and submit applicable documents. All of the items below may be required:

1. Record of Earned Income

  • Paycheck stubs (6 most recent consecutive pay stubs)
  • Income tax return, state and/or federal from the last year
  • Wage tax receipt/W-2 forms from the last year (all pages)
  • Employer letter
  • Employment termination letter, if no longer employed

2. Record of Other Income

  • Pensions and annuities (latest check stub from issuing institution)
  • Social Security benefit letter (current/recent, no more than 3 months old)
  • SSI award letter (recent, no more than 3 months old)
  • Unemployment determination letter (or latest check stub)
  • Unemployment benefits statement, showing your weekly pay (current)
  • SSP letter (recent)
  • Alimony/child support letter (copy of court order or notarized letter)

3. Asset Information

  • Savings account (only last month/current statement)
  • Checking account (consecutive statements from last 6 months)
  • Stock/bond certificates
  • Mortgage note
  • IRA (6 recent consecutive statements)
  • 401k/retirement statement or current letter
  • Debit card with recent transaction receipt (if on SSI or SS)
  • Certificates of Deposit (one statement)
  • Public assistance current budget letter
  • Life insurance policy (whole or universal: a policy with cash value)

4. Full-Time Student

  • School letter/report card of every household member in school

Why are these documents needed?

We require these documents to confirm and calculate the total annual amount that your household makes — from regular employment and from other income sources.