About CHV

CAMBA Housing Ventures has developed, owned, and managed apartment buildings since 2005. Our developments embody design excellence through our use of high-quality, environmentally-friendlymaterials and contextual architecture.

CHV lobby

High-Quality Affordable Housing

At CHV, design excellence means we build with the highest standards. CHV uses quality materials that are sourced for specific projects to ensure each building is beautiful, contextual, and stands the test of time.

Our buildings are seen as community assets with amenities such as:

  • Lush landscaping
  • Rooftop terraces
  • Community kitchens
  • Food pantries
  • Edible gardens
  • Flexible enrichment spaces

We design our developments with sculptures and local artwork to ensure our tenants feel proud of the place they call home. Our buildings feature more than 150 curated pieces selected for aesthetic value, community connection, and support of local artists. We believe a strong connection to the community is critical and incorporating pieces from local artists adds to this connectivity.

CHV has very high standards, both on the design side and the way they operate and maintain buildings. From top to bottom in the organization, there is a commitment to quality.”

Dedicated to Sustainability

CHV creates developments that reduce our impact on the environment and increase the health of our residents and communities. We make ongoing improvements and monitor performance to ensure our buildings maintain the standards they were designed to.

Some design elements we use for cost savings, durability, health, and sustainability include: solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, water-saving fixtures, and ENERGY STAR rated appliances.