About Us

Our Mission

CAMBA Housing Ventures envisions diverse, thriving communities where affordable housing plays a transformative role in the success of low-income individuals and families. CHV’s mission is to elevate the definition of affordable and supportive housing by creating and preserving sustainable, high-quality, and energy-efficient developments that provide residents with a healthy, stabilizing, and beautiful home. We are committed to creating equitable and inclusive neighborhoods by empowering communities with resources and opportunities to flourish.

Building Inclusive Communities

Systemic change must be our communities’ priority and CAMBA and CHV will continue to ensure that our work and programs address inequities that hurt our friends, families, and neighbors. We believe all Americans must be afforded with equal rights and opportunities to live a safe, peaceful life. CAMBA has always gone where our community needs us most and founded CHV to address unmet housing needs through holistic solutions. We help disadvantaged people who are struggling with housing, education, health, employment, and legal matters. Our programs provide fundamental services necessary for individuals to live healthy, independent lives.

Discrimination and injustice impacts our clients and often leads them to seek our help. The pandemic, tumultuous economy, and continued incidents of racial injustice are adding many additional layers of burden on vulnerable populations. CHV and CAMBA are working tirelessly to ensure our community is not left behind.

CHV is thinking about legacy building and that’s one of the things I appreciate most about them. They don’t just think about the immediate community they are serving, but also the generations of the community that will come after them.”
Maurice Coleman,
Bank of America