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Donations to CHV provide capacity to keep the agency moving forward. Exploring new opportunities to provide supportive housing is time intensive and expensive. We are tenacious in our exploration of new opportunities to help as many people as possible. Funds are needed for due diligence activities such as ensuring a potential new development site does not have prohibitive building issues, or for the Request for Proposals (RFP) process, which requires hiring numerous consultants — namely, appraisers, architects, landscape architects, engineers, sustainability and accessibility experts — and developing an entire framework for a potential new development.

Your financial support helps us pursue each new prospect to have a transformative impact on the communities we work in. We know supportive housing ends the cycle of homelessness. Help us end the cycle today.

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Proposing a Development

CHV has and continues to respond to competitive RFPs and investigates other potential sites through a variety of avenues to expand much-needed supportive and affordable housing.

CAMBA Housing Ventures is highly competent and committed to their mission, while being direct and honest about what they need. They are solutions-driven and find a way to navigate complex development challenges in order to create quality homes for people with low incomes.”
Victoria Barreca,
Enterprise Community Partners

vacant parking lot

Vacant parking lot

site plan

Site plan

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